Every girl will love this Rainbow with FlowersTooth Fairy Pillow that is made of cotton fabric.  A pillow that is cute, yet stylish with a sense of purpose for that time when the Tooth Fairy comes to visit for fallen baby teeth. Your child will love it! It is a unique pillow that can be used for other purposes as well. Used it to store whatever your child's little heart desires or just to be a play pal!

Rainbow and Flowers Tooth Fairy Pillow

    • approx. 7" inch x 7" inch
    • Pocket with embroidered design
    • Stylish trimmings
    • Rainbow and Flowers Theme
    • Shell  : 100% Cotton
    • Filling: 100% Polyester
    • Pocket Shell: 100% Flanel Fabric
    • Pocket Lining: 100% Cotton
    • Surface washable only
    • Air dry
    • Made in U.S.A


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